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As they say: hand lettering

Advertisement for bread at a small kiosk in France. Finally managed to take a photo of both sides of the signpost.

Jenkem Book Cover

I looked at this at least thrice. Layout done by Anthony Pappalardo. Photos from:

Scratched windows of Berlin’s public transportation

I failed uncountable times in taking a photo of these. But Dominique Auerbacher’s photos are the proof that it is possible. In her series “Scratches” (2007–2009) she documented…

Korean tea packaging

Death, fauna, love and humor — Shawn Kerri Part 2

[1] Drawing for artist The Pizz taken from Garage Magazine No. 18; [2]; [3] ; [4]; [5] Cartooning humans was certainly a mayor aspect of Shawn Kerri’s work,…

What you see is what you get: Shawn Kerri chronicling early LA hardcore

“I’m basically a cartoonist,” describes Shawn Kerri (born Shawn Maureen Fitzgerald) herself. It is her passion for cartoons, “the most fun artform,” through which she made herself a…

Unruly umlauts

It is the freestyle use of umlaut marks that makes me come back and have a second look at this logo from YMCafe, Seoul. Image from

Getting up straight edge style — Boston 1980s

Photo by Karen Windsor – Wall close to Gallery East, Boston, from

Korean film posters continued

Image from

1990s hardcore’s love for Gustave Doré

Gustave Doré is one of those 19th century artists that gained international fame while being alive. Especially British publishers loved the illustrations of this French artist and commissioned…

Pappalardo talks Radio Silence — Interview part 3

Anthony Pappalardo and I talked about his book Radio Silence. This is the third and final part of our conversation. This time around we talk about archiving hardcore,…

Pappalardo talks Radio Silence — Interview part 2

Anthony Pappalardo talked about his book Radio Silence with me. This is the follow-up part of our conversation —Part [1] is just here. —Part [3] can be read…

Pappalardo talks Radio Silence — Interview part 1

Radio Silence, published by Anthony Pappalardo and Nathan Nedorostek in 2008, is hands down the best book on hardcore. What makes it different from all other texts dealing…

Business card — Blind Barber

As simple as it can get. Like the exterior of their Manhattan location.

PME Or: stuck in the ’90s

Sometimes I’m stuck in the ’90s. Some PME. Images from, and

Green, white and black — Chain of Strength’s colors

Images from (1), (2) Chain of Strength were not only hardcore hipsters, which earned them the nickname of The New Kids on the Block of Hardcore…

Two youth crew fonts: hardcore typography basics

This is the test. I got this record as a surprise present the other day and couldn’t wait to come back home to listen to it. But then…

Tape typography

Saw this in Bex, a small Swiss village.

The Abused by Kevin Crowley

This was like a treasure hunt. Even better. Kevin Crowley, singer and designer of New York Hardcore legend The Abused and also inventor of the New York Hardcore…

Hardcore layout series on Noisey France

Some entries of my hardcore(-punk) layout series will appear on Noisey in French from time to time. They first one is up. Thanks, Rob.