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[Short] Printed Jute by Natalia Jaworska

“Błąd w grafice” [Error in the Graphic], 2016 — A wood print on jute by Polish graphic designer Natalia Jaworska. Photos from Jaworska’s Behance profile

[Short+] Bananas

This is one of those incredible book finds you can only make at a very good friend’s place: Time.Space.Meaning. A limited edition book published by the Dutch Graffiti…

Erwin Wurm X HC

Who participates in making art? What’s an art object? Erwin Wurm raises these questions since 1997 through his One Minute Sculptures. One Minute Sculptures are invitations to participate…

Not always so — Palm tree wood

Log buildings, docks, fences, telecommunication poles, wood flooring or charcoal — this is what palm tree wood is usually used for nowadays. It’s known for being difficult to…

Needle-pointed 1980s NYC graffiti

A 1989 pillow done by SMOG’s mother for GHOST RIS with outlines made by SMOG.

Plates by Julien Cadou aka Earl

A 2014 and 2015 series of plates by French graphic designer and artist Julien Cadou aka Earl in search of imperfection. Images from:,

Burned holes as design device

Burned holes in kraft paper: This is what designer Lin Shaobin thought up to enable ventilation for the tea inside the packaging and to represent the tea’s drying…

Neon installation Cleon Peterson X Lisa Schulte

This is not a lamp. This is a two piece art installation by Cleon Peterson and Lisa Schulte. Images:,,

Fruit bowl by Heinz Landes

“The use of the terms ‘beauty and function’ in one sentence ought to be prohibited.” says Heinz Landes, creator of this fruit bowl and one of the prominent…

A blanket with a story

The story? As simple as telling: Stuart Matz grew up with skateboarding and still loves the old graphics associated with it–especially Powell-Peralta’s. So he made this one of…

Etched windows by Michael Heizer

Certainly precursor: etched windows by American artist Michael Heizer, most of them from the early 1970s. No surprise really that one of the windows, now destroyed, was the…

Modernica streetwise continued

They don’t stop. Modernica still regularly cooperates with writers turned artists (in the conventional sense), skateboard brands or – a recent addition – tattoo artists. Here the collaborations…

Drinking with Neckface

One of a kind pieces by Neckface. Images:

Knoll streetwise

Exclusive to one exhibition at Kyoto’s BABE Gallery in 2014: Saarinen Tulip Stools covered with classic A Bathing Ape camo fabric. The stool was part of the Original…

Black Flag X The Grateful Dead blanket

The 2015 and 2014 version of a Black FlagXThe Grateful Dead blanket made by Jeremy Dean under the header ‘We Can Discover the Wonders of Black Flag’ –…

Plates by Jiem

A couple of one-of-a-kind plates of a series of 12 made by Jiem in 2011. Images from, more at

Modernica streetwise continued

Another Krink-Modernica collaboration. No drips but a tame silver for this 2014 product. Images from

Graffiti rugs continued: Earsnot

Another graffiti rug – a collaboration between Earsnot and

Carving knives re-discovered

One of a kind. Back and front. Crimeshaw knife carved by Matt Worthey. Images from

Lighting by David B Anthony

Wanted or not: this is a welcomed alternative to the “keep calm” fad. A unique (art) piece/lamp by David B Anthony in exact skateboard seize. Image from