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Burned holes as design device

Burned holes in kraft paper: This is what designer Lin Shaobin thought up to enable ventilation for the tea inside the packaging and to represent the tea’s drying…

Korean tea packaging

Book wrapped in Berlin underground upholstery

A portrait series of Berlin’s writers, Burning Down the House by Norman Behrendt is wrapped in the original Berlin Underground upholstery below – limited edition only. [1] copyright…

Stone rubbing

[1] Thai Temple Stone Rubbing, [2] Korean lady stone rubbing; image from A Thai buddhist figure printed on rice paper is what I came across in a…

Packaging coffee

Stamp identity: Steadbrook

Stamping is the way to go for a lot of smaller coffee shops to create their identities. Steadbrook, a Denver-located clothing store that serves coffee is one of…

Lord Windsor Roasters fill their coffee in beer bottles

The last cold brew coffee sat their for us the other day in the fridge at Lord Windsor Roasters in Long Beach. Another packaging reappropriated.

A zine in a pizza box

EPM did this for their vinyl, now Michael Danischewski packaged his zine “Head the Ceiling Fan” in one: DIY pizza box packaging. Images from (1)-(3), (4)

Empowerment shows how to advertise

This could make a top 10 in best show ad. Image:

A vinyl with a puzzle: MF Doom dime box

A puzzle and I’m sold. Another custom made vinyl box by Stonethrow Records. This time for MF Doom – artwork done by Jason Jagel and Jeff Jank. Images…

Limited edition packaging by Petro

Done in the context of Petro‘s exhibition “Age 39 3/4” at Tower Art Gallery in 2012. Images from

Light box project by The Good Hood Store

Having a thing for lightboxes and reader boards, this “Lightbox Project” by The Goodhood Store looks fun. Every month they display a quote and one can tweet propositions….

Dry stamp

Dry stamps/seals should be used more often.  Photos from: (1) Rice cake packaging bought in Seoul, (2) dry stamp of Barcelona based graphic artist; (2) dry stamp on one of…

LP packaging from "We Came Out Like Tigers"

A long time since I saw some typography and was amazed like this.LP cover, limited ed. wooden LP box, cardboard mailers, batches and part of the booklet of…

Logo of Handsome Coffee’s “Roaster’s Choice”

Logo for one of the coffee sorts Handsome Coffee Roasters from LA offers. I guess it is no coincidence that one of the guys behind this Coffee Bar…

Tapes by 100kiloherz Records

DIY tapes put out by German 100kiloherz records, which is a label, mailorder and record shop in one. Images:

Outside 103 Shop

Outside 103 at home shop in Bukchon, Seoul, where the sample displays change nearly every day.

Blog header Empowerment

EPM do good stuff. All DIY. These are some of their different headers they had up on their site.

“Broken deck skulls” by Beto Janz

Promo for the new location of the Brazilian skate shop Ultra Séries in Curitiba by graphic designer Beto Janz. A sticker with the new address was applied on these transformed…

Seed-packs by New Factory

A geometric cardboard version of a “giant seed” as seed-pack by New Factory from San Francisco. Photos: New Factory