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[Short] Skate traces – ZH Main Station

View this post on Instagram Hopfully a dissident architect dare to draw an inclined wall breaking the right angle dogma!!! Cool, skaters are happy!! #zurich #zurichmainstation #zurichhauptbahnhof #wall…

Erwin Wurm X HC

Who participates in making art? What’s an art object? Erwin Wurm raises these questions since 1997 through his One Minute Sculptures. One Minute Sculptures are invitations to participate…


Shinto shrine 夷子神社 for the god of fishermen and luck.

Taped windows

Duisburg Central Railway Station, Germany. “But this is really not beautiful,” comments the woman sitting next to me in the train.

Etched windows by Michael Heizer

Certainly precursor: etched windows by American artist Michael Heizer, most of them from the early 1970s. No surprise really that one of the windows, now destroyed, was the…

Miniature trees pose for Stephen Voss

Photographs by Stephen Voss for his upcoming book In Training portraying bonsai. Photographs from — copyright Stephen Voss

Stone rubbing

[1] Thai Temple Stone Rubbing, [2] Korean lady stone rubbing; image from A Thai buddhist figure printed on rice paper is what I came across in a…

Filming calisthenics: Bro Ben

Calisthenics videos by Bro Ben.

Documenting 1990s hardcore: Ole Peterson

I can’t remember where I met Ole Peterson but I guess it was at some 108 show somewhere in Germany in the mid-1990s. Neither can I remember why…

Raw concrete

“Massive,” “imposing,” “fortresslike,” “bunker-like” this is how these kind of buildings like the one above on the UC Irvine campus are very often described. This is also what…

Lost in time barber shops no. 2

Lost in time barber shops

Always wonder how these survive modern times. Fascinated by their window designs.

Fire-burned bus stop

Bus stop ceiling.

Bonsai at Huntington Library

The full beauty of Bonsai probably only comes out when seeing them wholly. But the stems of these Bonsai at the Huntington Library are just amazing.

Post advertisement, Hamburg

Construction work

Construction work as seen in Hamburg, Brussels and Seoul this year.

Just listen. Burn My Bridges & Things We Say

“Already heard and seen this before – and better”, is what I think most of the time being into hardcore for half of my life. The show off…

Just look around

Image from here

Wall at Cafe Take Out Drawing; Seoul

Emerson quoted with “Every wall is a door” at Cafe Take Out Drawing in Seoul.

Josh Cole’s "Physical Graffiti"

In 2011 Photographer Josh Cole travelled to Malaysia, Delhi, Durban and Cape Town in South Africa and Kigali in Rwanda to take photos of break dancers. This year…