Who participates in making art? What’s an art object? Erwin Wurm raises these questions since 1997 through his One Minute Sculptures. One Minute Sculptures are invitations to participate in an art project as a visitor of an exhibition. Visitors are encouraged to pose with an ordinary object selected by Wurm – bottles, brooms, tables, tennis balls, chairs, or citrons. How they have to pose is also explained by Wurm in short illustrated manuals.

Some also say that these “sculptures” are short performances that only come into being through the visitors’ participation. Wurm’s lastest invitation (“Bei Mutti”) for people becoming an art object – a living sculpture – (or participate in making his? art) took place in Berlin at the Berlinische Galerie.

What I was most intrigued with looking at the exhibition’s photos was if there anything that makes these three living sculptures of the Berlin exhibition “hardcore-punk”? Apart from the hardcore band shirts they are wearing?



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