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Plates by Julien Cadou aka Earl

A 2014 and 2015 series of plates by French graphic designer and artist Julien Cadou aka Earl in search of imperfection. Images from:,

Drinking with Neckface

One of a kind pieces by Neckface. Images:

Plates by Jiem

A couple of one-of-a-kind plates of a series of 12 made by Jiem in 2011. Images from, more at

Tattoo tableware

Bone china cups, bowls and plates with motifs drawn by tattooers slowly become a staple in tableware. Some of the recent ones can be found all under one…

Korean cute: tableware by Mari Kim

The sophisticated alternative to Hello Kitty: South Korean artist Mari Kim’s “eyedolls” on tableware made in collaboration with Hankook Chinaware and their Young Artists Project (YAP) series in…

Plates by Matt Manson

Hand screen-printed porcelain plates by Matt Manson’s. Images from

Plates “Mandala” by tattooer Guy Le Tatooer

Two differently shaped limited edition porcelain plates hand-painted by Guy le Tatooer in 2012-13 (both are sold out). Images from (1), (3), (2, 4-5)

Plates by tattooer Kim Rense

This is how it looks like when tattooer Kim Rense exchanges skin with ceramic. I saw these plates a while ago in Gestalten’s book Forever. The New Tattoo…

Popculturalize your kitchen with The Yok and Sheryo

“Our stories” is the leading theme of these vases and plates done by Brooklyn-based duo The Yok and Sheryo. Snakes and skulls, illuminati references, weed leafs and inscriptions…

Going to the beach with Raymond Pettibon

By now, you can basically go to the beach fully equipped in Raymond Pettibon if you’ve been there at the right moment to get his mostly limited edition…

(Sub)culturalize your kitchen: hardcore punk mugs

Lately more and more hardcore bands add mugs to their usual merchandize. There are also some mini-dealers that sell hardcore-inspired mugs with triple xs, crossed x-ed up arms…

Ramen bowls by Mastermind Japan

Special edition ramen bowls by Mastermind Japan in collaboration with clothing store Contemporary Fix and the ramen chain Hidechan for a pop-up restaurant in Tokyo in February 2013.Photos…

DIY Coasters

Different coasters that they use in some of my favorite cafés in Seoul.

[Short+] Popculturalize Your Kitchen 8: Heath Ceramics & Geoff McFetridge

These are all results of the collaboration “My Head Disappears When My Hands Are Thinking” between Geoff McFetridge and LA’s Heath Ceramics. They are one-of-a-kind or limited edition…

popculturalize your kitchen 7: plates by mika tsutai

This time around mangas to eat from (and not to grow food in) by Mika Tsutai. Images from

[popculturalize] your kitchen: japanese sweets

Go to Sweetsmemory for more. Photos from © Sweetsmemory

popculturalize your kitchen 6: sponges

I never could make up my mind to actually use them: A “skull sponge” I bought some years ago in Gothenburg (at that time it was even sold…

popculturalize your kitchen V

Hand drawn? Seems so. I wouldn’t mind if this characteristic would show even more on the first two sets. Image 1/2: Plate and cup set “Vinyl” and “Mixtape”…

popculturalize your kitchen IV

A follow up of my previous selection. These items are less colorful but they are also something else but only neat. The vase and the teapot remind me…

popculturalize your kitchen III: plates and saucer

Each time I stumble over tableware which step a bit out of the realm of the usual, I feel joy. It seems there is still a long way…