A follow up of my previous selection. These items are less colorful but they are also something else but only neat. The vase and the teapot remind me of bubble style throw ups which I always had a soft spot for. Maybe that’s why I’d love to see the drips in the cups being not ink but krink drips. Last but not least, Russian revolutionary art has always had its very own special edge.

Image 1/2: “Cloud vase” (2010) and teapot (2010) by Sam Chung (images by samchungceramics.com)
Image 3: Cup 08 by Therese Müller Keramikwerkstatt (image by tm-keramik.ch)
Image 4: Plate “1917ChimneyPlate”limited, numbered edition by philosophyfootball (image by philosophyfootball.com)