Each time I stumble over tableware which step a bit out of the realm of the usual, I feel joy. It seems there is still a long way to go until drawings will no longer be brushed off their boldness or harshness to cater mass consumption. So it’s for example only the plates from image 3 and 5 which can be really used as dishes. The other seem to be collection pieces you decorate your walls with. But these are examples that we are slowly getting somewhere else. This is my first selection. More to come.

Image 1/2: Plates “untitled” (2010) by Gabby Nathan aka postdesigner (images by postdesigner.com)
Image 3: Saucer of “In The Park Tea Cup” by Jonburgerman (image by burgerplex.com)
Image 4: Plate “Sergeant Bosco Portrait” by Beatupcreations (image by BeatUpCreations via whorange.net)
Image 5: Plates “Gelati” and “Cupcakes” by Jeremyville for Domestic, Paris (image by jeremyville.com)