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Cardboard boxes by Original Cut

Military stencil inspired packaging by Korean brand Original Cut. Images from

Madvillain box set by Stones Throw

The demo tape is not the only thing which came along with this package of the 2008 “reworking” of Madvillain’s debut album by Stones Throw. It contained a CD, 7″,…

Stamps, wrapping-paper and cardboard: packaging by Akaoni

Japanese design firm Akaoni created a corporate identity for honey producer Onuma Honey in 2009 and a gift set for them in 2011. I like how each stamp is…

Limited edition framed record by Empowerment

Empowerment strikes again with a unique packaging. This time for their release edition of “Gegen.kult”. Those records are packaged in frames which are done at the workshop for the…

Name Stamps

Personal name stamps, traditionally carved into stone or wood and stamped in red, are still regularly used in Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan to sign official documents.Above some…

organic label by globus

Image (3) from:

box by seven.think

Limited edition box for 3 shirts by Seventh.Ink. Woodburned. Wonder how the box would have looked like without the black metal. Photos: Seventh.Ink

promo photos of final prayer by sören schaller

Nice, unpretentious promo shots by Sören Schaller for Final Prayers’ latest 7″ “Berlin”.Makes me think of the thickly grained black and white photos made with reflex cameras back…

promo trailer luciano calderon exhibition at ruttkowski68

A promo trailer I didn’t get bored and wondered what the whole thing was for:

mud tagging by rural

Love these promo shots by Rural Wear, a swiss clothing brand. Street flavor and enviromental friendly. What more to say? Images: Courtesy of Rural Wear from

wooden boxes by evil army

Me favouring wooden boxes as packaging should be known by now. This is some special edition packaging by Evil Army, an Indonesian clothing company. Done for christmas 2010,…

shirt packaging by fuzi uvtpk

Image: (down)

japanese price labels

Some price labels from Japanese cafés and bakeries I stumbled over. Images from and ria@bagel&sweets

tomobako revisited

Some modern versions of the tomobako by ceramist Michiko Iwata – still one of my favourite packaging. Images:

railway box tape by zeroperzero

Without discussion, Korea is the best place to get packaging tape. This one here by is something for everyone with a special love for inner city transports…

bring handwriting back

Images top to bottom: / courtesy of / / Real handwriting done with a real pen. A perfect choice to make your packaging really…

caramel dices packaging

I don’t care if dices were just a fad or are still cool. This packaging by Meiji of their dice caramel (which can really be used as dices)…

tomobako – take wrapping to another level or from the margins to the centre

packaging 7″ empowerment

The guys from Empowerment (Stuttgart, Germany) really found their special twist in packaging their 7″: Pizza boxes. A cheap and effective way to handle packaging. If a record…