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[Short] RER Station Auber, Paris

Stuck in the past, run down, nearly deserted and police patrolled. Known to be rarely on time and avoided by people living in the well-off parts of Paris,…


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Scratched surface

Berlin. Regional train.

Getting up straight edge style — Boston 1980s

Photo by Karen Windsor – Wall close to Gallery East, Boston, from


Made by Clemens Behr. Images from Clemens Behr

Wall Downtown Manhattan

next to the World Trade Center site.

Custom-made wallpaper by Mike Ski

This wallpaper intrigues me. Custom-made by tattooer and graphic designer Mike Ski (former frontman of Brother’s Keeper and singer of The A.K.A.s) for Bufad Pizzeria, Phildelphia. [1]…


What fascinated me the most about the Palais de Tokyo, Contemporary Art Museum in Paris, when I visited it a few years ago, was it’s slick frontside and…

Wallpaper “Parlour Paper” paying homage to tattoo flash

Amsterdam-based design studio Cookie Brothers collaborated with tattooer Danny Boy a.k.a. Daniel O. Sawyer for this wall decoration. It already got its first official use at the Grand…

Sneak peek: pine trees in Japanese Noh theaters

A giant, majestic conifer towers over the place I live in. Since I moved here, I am even more fascinated with pine trees – and especially their Japanese…

Japanese theater drop curtains

“Yukyo,” “no end,” was the title Isamu Noguchi gave this one of a kind theater drop curtain he made for the Tokyo Theatre beginning of the 1950s. Better…

Skateboard traces on wall

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Cable ties typography

Entrance door from restaurant in London’s Shoreditch that I passed by the other day. Cable ties help out here to make their name be seen.

Wall at Cafe Take Out Drawing; Seoul

Emerson quoted with “Every wall is a door” at Cafe Take Out Drawing in Seoul.

Walls by Jazoo Yang: “Excretions”

Strokes and scratches applied by hand by Korean visual artist Jazoo Yang. Photos from by TJ via

Graffiti removal

Grey or other colored rectangles are the answer to graffiti in most North American cities, giving rise to some interesting new patterns of wall-painting.Matt McCormich made a film…

[Short+] Scratch the Surface

Scratched letters always remind me of Brecht’s poem “The Invincible Inscription”. A scratched slogan on a wall which resists all attempts to erase it. It’s painted over two times…