The Muralist — Shawn Kerri Part 4

This is probably one of Shawn Kerri’s last works and the largest she did to my knowledge — many thanks to Dennis Quick for letting me know about this work.
Judging from the billiard table standing in front of it, the mural should be at least 12m long.

It’s a mural Kerri painted in 1996 for Effin’s Pub & Grill in San Diego, which opened that same year.
It represents a typical crowd with some references to college life and alcohol in the cartoonist strokes that Kerri excelled in.
Effin’s Pub & Grill sits a little South of the San Diego State University (SDSU) campus and is a go-to bar for their students;
reason why ‘SDSU’ figures also prominently on one of the characters’ t-shirts.

For everyone that doesn’t live close enough to visit this mural, google.maps offers an inside look into the pub.

Effin’s Pub and Grill
6164 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92115

Images [1] Postcard of a detail of the mural (source unknown); [2] Screen shot from google.maps, [3] by S.Dean from Foursquare; [4-8] screenshots google.maps;
[9] Foursquare; [10] Effin’s Pub and Grill homepage; [11] Effin’s Pub and Grill Facebook page; [12] screenshot from google.maps

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  1. This series is just so great my friend! I’m glad to see some movement in my favorite blog. (btw, I replied you in our old conversation).
    I love her work and is awesome we are still talking about it in 2018.

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