hardcore fonts

“Bandung Hardcore GP” Font by Gilang Purnama.
Get it at Purnama’s page or at dafont.

“Flyer Fonts” and “Schism” Font (solid black and skyline) by Dobek Ohashi from crucialxtimes.com. The page is down right now (03/2014).

“Crucified” and “Venice” Font from “Flyer Fonts” package (18 fonts for $125) by Jeremy Dean while working for House Industries. Dean is also responsible for Hardcore Archaeologist (which moved from blogspot to tumbler), already mentioned before.

Images: (1): cg.scs.carleton.ca, (2)(3):crucialxtimes.com, (4)(5):houseind.com/fonts/flyerfonts

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  1. veg x wolf

    is there any where else i can find the schism font or please can you send this to me? i will apreciate it!! big hugs!

  2. this is super old, but do you know where I can get the schism font these days?

    • Marion HFs

      Hi Steven! I tried to find it. But unfortunately couldn’t get hold of it until now. Apparently some people still have the rub-on letters … somewhere. Let me know if you are lucky!

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