End of October every year people will gather with their DIY choppers and tall bikes at Bike Kill in NYC – organized since 2003 by the NYC chapter of Black Label that is considered the first outlaw bike club. The flyers and all other designs around this event display some sort of scavenger typography – a mixed bag of different inspirations or allusions from outlaw motorcycle gangs, hardcore/punk flyers, trash typography, heavy metal patches to the Earth First! logo. Nice.

Photos: (1-2) Bike Kill series from documentary photographer Julie Glassberg: “Collision between jousters at Slaughterama. Richmond, VA 2010” and “Girls jousting at Bike Kill Brooklyn. 2011.” from tokyo-ws.org; (3) Bike Kill 2009 by Nick Damiano; (4) Bike Kill 2006 by Josh Whitesnake from bikeblog.blogspot.com; (5) Flyer for Bike Kill 2007 from bikeblog.blogspot.com; (6) Flyer for Bike Kill 2006 from antleredlife.blogspot.com; (7) Flyer for Bike Kill 2007 from bikeblog.blogspot.com; (8) Flyer for Bike Kill 2011 by Allison Termine from cyclingwmd.blogspot.com; (9) Flyer for Bike Kill 2008 from myspace.com/bikekill, (10) Wood Bike from Black Label photographed by Will Sherman; (11) Bike Kill 2008 patch taken from laekhouse.blogspot.com