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Orang Orang Cafe [오랑오랑], Seoul

Orang Orang Cafe Roasters [오랑오랑] is tucked away somewhere in the half-deserted Shinheung Market place in Haebangchon, Seoul. People who went to this converted restaurant nearly didn’t find…

Sneak peek: pine trees in Japanese Noh theaters

A giant, majestic conifer towers over the place I live in. Since I moved here, I am even more fascinated with pine trees – and especially their Japanese…

Lost in time barber shops no. 2

Sneak peek: pine trees in kabuki theaters

Japanese tradition, white painted faces and cross-dressing men are mostly associated with Kabuki. But what made me search for hours on the web were the Kabuki stage sceneries….

Lost in time barber shops

Always wonder how these survive modern times. Fascinated by their window designs.

Mini sneak peek: Owl Kitchen, Seoul

The door already tells you if Owl Kitchen in Bukchon, Seoul, is open. A few steps downstairs, a simple, yet welcoming atmosphere awaits you. There will be no…

Sneak peek: coin laundry, LA

Fancy sneak peeks from fancy homes or fancy creative work places is what I see most of the time.But there are a lot of other interesting spaces that…

Sneak peek: Japanese cafés II

Photos from

Sneak peek: Japanese cafés

Images by and ria@bagel&sweets A great blog to look through and to instantly want to have one of these cafes next to your place is Similar…

(sneaked) sneak peek: barbar shop, pensacola, florida

atelier artist 108

I love sneak peeks and some of the best sneak peeks are those into work spaces. Here is one of artist 108 (Milano), working for Obey, done by…