Category: Lighting

Neon installation Cleon Peterson X Lisa Schulte

This is not a lamp. This is a two piece art installation by Cleon Peterson and Lisa Schulte. Images:,,

Lighting by David B Anthony

Wanted or not: this is a welcomed alternative to the “keep calm” fad. A unique (art) piece/lamp by David B Anthony in exact skateboard seize. Image from

Floor lamp studio Retna

This lamp right in the corner of Retna’s studio that looks like a customized Nelson cigar floor lamp caught my eye. Photo from Retna’s Iphoneogram

Shoe toss pendant by Jeremy Hatch

“Shoe Toss” pendant by Vancouver artist Jeremy Hatch, founder of Ricochet Studio Inc. This lighting is inspired by the practice of shoe flinging where shoes with their laces…

"Sun Rising Lamp" by Satoshi Itasaka

Saw this photo of a lamp by Satoshi Itasaka on Spoon Tamago. However, there is no more substantial information to be found except some sketches. I’m not even sure if…

“loto lamp” by narifumi numata

These lamps make me instantly think of my favourite summer drink ever: iced matcha.  Made out of the traditional whisk used in Japanese tea ceremony, chasen, by interior…

“wolf lights” by non fiction design collective

“Wolf lights” by Katie Parker and Guy Michael Davis from Ohio’s Non Fiction Design Collective. Another design piece with a often disliked and as much underestimated animal at…

8 ball pendant by pulz lab

These pendants by pulz lab are made from solid wood and are hand painted in multiple layers – exactly like the pool balls from back in the days.Seize:…

lamps by yellowsquarelove

“Making lamps out of EVERYTHING” is one of Yellowsquarelove’s (a couple from Chicago) passions right now. Images from yellowsquarelove’s etsy shop