unruly umlauts

It is the freestyle use of umlaut marks that makes me come back and have a second look at this logo from YMCafe, Seoul.

Image from cafeym.com

Concrete Bench

As simple as it can get. Walked past this in Berlin some weeks ago.

Black Flag X The Grateful Dead Blanket


The 2015 and 2014 version of a Black FlagXThe Grateful Dead blanket made by Jeremy Dean under the header ‘We Can Discover the Wonders of Black Flag’ – playing on Black Flag’s love for Grateful Dead.


Images from instagram.com/deansnuts

Plates by Jiem


A couple of one-of-a-kind plates of a series of 12 made by Jiem in 2011.

Images from jiem1.blogspot.com, more at flickr.com/photos/jiem1

Getting up straight edge style – Boston 1980s

Photo by Karen Windsor – Wall close to Gallery East, Boston, from https://www.facebook.com/allagesthefilm

Korean Film Posters Continued

Image from ultracuerpos.com

Modernica streetwise continued


Another Krink-Modernica collaboration. No drips but a tame silver for this 2014 product.
Images from krink.com

1990s hardcore’s love for Gustave Doré


Gustave Doré is one of those 19th century artists that gained international fame while being alive. Especially British publishers loved the illustrations of this French artist and commissioned him for works like The English Bible, Milton’s Paradise Lost or Dante’s The Divine Comedy.
A century later quite a few, mainly European hardcore bands showed their love for Doré’s illustrations. He is one of the artists whose works were repeatedly appropriated for hardcore graphism and that from the 1980s on – with a peak between the mid-1990s and mid-2000s.

His work first got into the limelight of hardcore in New York on a flyer for a The Mad show in 1980. But one of the real forces behind the prominent use of Doré’s work on hardcore covers is Good Life Recordings. Five of their outputs display a Doré illustration – some of them must-haves that carried the new school hardcore wave in the 1990s – especially in Europe:

Morning Again Hand of Hope, 1996,
Length of Time Approach to the New World 1998,
Arkangel Dead Man Walking 1999,
State Craft To Celebrate The Forlorn Seasons, 2000,
Integrity Sliver in the Hands, 2005 (also released on German Dockyard1).

The artwork of these five records was done by Onno Hesselink, guitarist for Nations on Fire and nowadays art director for marketing agency Luon, together with Good Life Recordings’ founder Edward. It seems that Edward Good Life’s love for “medieval black metal” at the time carried over to the covers of the records he put out – but that’s a guess. Emperor’s Self-titled LP (1994) or Dimmu Borgir’s For all did (1995) for example feature a Doré illustration. Whatever it is, Doré’s work mirrors the huge metal influences of the bands decorating their sleeves with these works – not only those put out by Good Life. Even if Doré’s illustrations might reflect the musical influences, the extreme use of images from the The English Bible is on the other hand quite interesting considering 1990s hardcore anti-religion stance.

Here’s a total chronic of the appropriation of Doré’s works on hardcore record covers throughout the years; a chronic that largely benefited the work already done by the people over at Unityhxc.

1980 – The Mad- Flyer for show at Max’s in Kansas City — [Doré-Dante] by Screaming Mad George
1982 – Bad Religion-How Could Hell Be Any Worse?(Back)-Epitaph — [Doré-Dante]
1991 – Bloodline-The Waiting Game-Takeover Records — [Doré-misc]

flyer-the mad-max-s-kansas-city-7-30-80bad-religion-_how_could_hell_be_any_worse_back-cover-gustave-dore-dante-alighieri-divine-comedybloodline-the-waiting-game-cover-gustave-dore-newgate-prison-exercise-yard

1994 – Culture-Culture (Demo)-self-released (Front) — [Doré – English Bible]
1994 – Culture – Culture (Demo) – self-released (Back) — [Doré – English Bible]
1996 – Sektor/Vitality Split – Sobermind Records (Front) — [Doré – Bible]


1996 – Sektor/Vitality Split – Sobermind Records (Back) — [Doré – Dante]
1997 – Dawn of Orion – Eternal Twilight – Self-released — [Doré – Milton]
1998 – All Out War – Truth in the Age of Lies – Gain Ground Records — [Doré – Bible]

gustave-dore-dante-alighieri-divine-comedy-the-vision-of-hell-the-inferno-canto-xiii-13gustave-dore-milton-paradise-lost-nine-days-they-fell-book-vi-line 871gustave-dore-la-sainte-bible-jugement-dernier

1998 – Length of Time – Approach to the New World – Good Life Records — [Doré – Idylls of the King]
1999 – Arkangel – Dead Man Walking (Inlet) – Good Life Records — [Doré – Milton]
1999 – Deviate – State of Grace – I Scream Records — [Doré – Bible]


1999 – Drowning – Self-titled (CD interior)-Released Power Productions — [Doré-misc]
1999 – Sentence – Prefection Through Disfunction 7″ (Front/Back)- Tomcat — [Doré-Dante]

gustave-dore-enigmagustave-dore-dante-alighieri-divine-comedy-the-vision-of-hell-the-inferno-canto-v-5- lines-137-138-sentence-perfection-through-disfunctiongustave-dore-dante-alighieri-divine-comedy-the-vision-of-purgatory-canto-ix-9

2000 – Statecraft – To Celebrate the Forlorn Seasons (Front) — [Doré-Bible]
2001 – Morning Again – Hand of Hope – Good Life Recordings –[Doré-Dante]


2002 – XMaroonX – Antagonist (Front/Back) – Catalyst Records — [Doré- Bible/Milton]
2004 – Denied/Beatdown Fury Split – Live in Sin…Face Death in Judgement (Back) – Filled with Hate Records — [Doré-Dante]


2003 – Bloodstain – The Fall And Rise Of Certainties – (Front/Back) – Stillife Records — [Doré-Milton]
2004 – Denied/Beatdown Fury Split – Live in Sin…Face Death in Judgement (CD) – Filled with Hate Records — [Doré- Dante]


2005- Integrity – Silver in the Hands of Time (Front) – Good Life Records — [Doré-Milton]


Illustrations Gustave Doré from: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Gustave_Doré, gutenberg.org, victorianweb.org, catholic-resources.org
Record covers/flyers from: allmusic.com, ihatemusic.org, xonetruthx.blogspot.com, lastfm.de, amoeba.com,
spirit-of-metal.com, discogs.com, sanitizedjapan.blogspot.com, discogs.com

Graffiti Rugs continued: Earsnot

Another graffiti rug – a collaboration between Earsnot and Carini Lang.

Images from carinilang.com/earsnot

Carving Knives re-discovered

One of a kind. Back and front. Crimeshaw knife carved by Matt Worthey.
Images from instagram.com/wortheydesign

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